About Jeong

Hello, I am Yu-jeong (Olivia). Born and based in Korea, I have created plant-based modern Korean food and photographs.

I was a fashion designer, but after I found a new side of food - beautiful colors of nature and interesting textures - I couldn't resist studying about food and food styling. While working as a food stylist I had many questions about the culinary world, so I studied and trained to be a chef in Korea, Japan and Hong Kong.

I've discovered many sources for veganism in Korean cuisine and I combine divers foods to create plant-based modern Korean cuisine.

Regarding photography, I don't call myself a professional photographer yet, but I keep finding somewhere in the middle of wholesome food and art and expressing them through my camera.

I keep working in my journey to share with you, and hope you enjoy my unconventional foods.

Thank you so much for visiting!